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[Aide et support] Selling account!!

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Publié à 2019-10-15 12:34:15 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

Hi. I spent around 400$ on my account and i don't feel like it's a game i would play for more than a month. I decided to go back to playing ps4 (soon ps5) games. I don't want to just leave it as a dead account and i want to sell it for some of the money i spent on it. I'm located in kingdom 644, under a protection bubble still. My might is 18 million, and the kingdom has been open only 2 weeks. I don't know how to sell it so i came here. If anyone is interested, comment or something. I can show pictures of my research, buildings, troops (200+ t3 troops and the same amount of infirmary room), heroes (paid and free ones with upgrades) and also colosseum rank (currently around 90 but could change as time passes). If you're genuinely curious on buying this account just ask on what i have and ill post a picture. We can work out a price. My first reddit post btw, thanks for readingfedloan irs.gov easybib