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[Communauté] Which marine battery?

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Publié à 2019-09-30 14:39:11 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

Hello everyone,,
I have an '89 Lowe Falcon 16' fishing boat. This boat originally had a 75 hp motor, electrical system, steering, etc. At some point, the original motor died Best Marine Battery and was replaced with a (much) smaller Johnson 9.9 pull start tiller steer motor, at which time the console, steering, electrical, etc was removed (this was done prior to it coming into my possession). Sure, I would have preferred to NOT had all this stuff ripped out, and would have either fixed/replaced the appropriate motor, but... the boat was given to me so it doesn't bother me too much.

Anyway. My question.

For xmas, my wife got me a Hummingbird PiranhaMAX 4 di fish finder and depth indicator - not realizing that it had no batteries of its own, and needed to hook into the electrical system of the boat - the electrical system my boat no longer has. A bit of research has let me to believe I can pick up a 12v marine battery and hook up the fish finder directly to it.

My question is this - what do I need to look for in a marine battery? I'm seeing quite a range in prices, from roughly $60 on up to $400. Obviously, I'm hoping to stay on the lower end of that if possible. Being that the only thing this will run is said fish finder, I can't imagine I'll need anything too fancy. The only possible addition to that would be if I decide to add a small trolling motor in the future.

Thanks for your help.