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[Communauté] The French Youtubeur Lords Mobile.

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Publié à 2019-08-25 14:10:18 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

Hello everyone,,,
I open this topic simply to highlight the community of Youtubeur Lords mobile FR which is for me still very little developed compared to our English or Chinese neighbors.

So I will introduce myself first.reversephonelookup.onl/ curated.onl/nba-reddit/
My name is Im Beerus in game, I recently started a Youtube channel that aims to help French beginners or not ^^

Here is the link of my channel:  Im Beerus
My Twitch: https: // www. twitch.tv/im_beerus

Do not hesitate to check it out! 

I invite all Youtubeurs Lords Mobile French to present it here if they wish.

Good games and good day or evening

Publié à 2019-08-25 17:18:52 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

Bah écris en français ahahaha

Publié à 2019-08-25 17:23:38 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

J'avoue zéro crédibilité.. :silly:

Chaîne Youtube :

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