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[Discussion] I don't know what is wrong with the guild? on my game!

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Publié à 2019-10-17 06:17:48 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

Hey everyone,
I been playing for a few days. I never get help from guild members when I hit the green help help button. And nobody has ever requested help either. But the guild is active sarego check
. I see people are online, and apparently hunting monsters because there are two or three gifts every hour. This current guild is very different from another guild I was in where is get maybe 5 helps in 10 minutes. But the current guild it seems as if the help feature had been disabled lol. 
What is happening here?
Any suggetions??

Publié à 2019-10-19 01:23:26 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

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