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[Discussion] Looking for a good family MH guild

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Publié à 2019-10-15 03:26:50 | Montrer uniquement l'auteur de la publication

    • Hello everyone,,
      • As a title says, I'm looking for a good family-friendly monster hunt guild. My current main acc might is 106m (9/10 monster hunt research, going towards t4s, 3 researches left to unlock them), and I have also 3 alt accs with 50m, 22m and 3m. All of the accounts are based hazard perception test on monster hunt research, and I'm able to kill a lot monsters from lv1-3 on daily bases. Also, I'm casual, mostly f2p player, which means that I'm not spending that much $$ in this game, but sometimes if I come accross nice bundle, I'm buyng it.

        • Guild fest: 900-1000+/ per acc (depends of how much free time I have in that week, bcs of work, and also depends of how many quest attempts, can make even more with more attempts)
        • Available to start/run nice dn3-4 rallys.
        • Willing to go in war if we are good teamplayers with a good strategy.

        Feel free to contact me ingame via message: SayHiToGod (currently in k262, DnZ guild which I'm willing to leave and migrate to your server).